I’ve been a travel journalist, travel editor, photojournalist (or whichever word you prefer to use) since the late 90s.

I regularly travel throughout Africa, Asia and South America, but I often have to think of the beautiful dunes and forests of Schoorl in the Netherlands when I’m on the road. Over the years, I’ve built up an impressive photo archive that is often used for a variety of purposes (travel books, magazines, websites, exhibitions, etc).

Each country has its own charms. Cultures, landscapes, animals, climatic and geological conditions, all that kind of things vary a lot from region to region. And I love capturing people and animals in their natural environments, wherever that may be – with both my camera and my words.

I regularly write, photograph and publish in Columbus magazineBergen magazineWandel magazine or other travel publications, as well as for non-governmental and development NGOs.

For more images, please check out my portfolio. Or, just get in touch if you have an assignment in mind!

Skiing in the snow in the Dolomite mountains in Italy by Tom van der Leij
Hiking in the Dolomites in Italy. Photo for Bergen Magazine by Tom van der Leij.
Wandel magazine cover about trip to Sweden by Tom van der Leij.
A farmer leads his cows to the pastures. Photo by Tom van der Leij.
Man with baby gorilla by Amsterdam photographer Tom van der Leij