Tom van der leij


What DO I offer?


Family photos. Engagement photos. Weddings. Events. Portraits. And much more...
I love capturing the real essence of people, animals and nature in my photography.

Aerial & Interior

Whether from inside or from above, I've got it covered. Interior photography and drone photography are two other specialities of mine.
Drones are great for capturing unique shots & it's
COVID-19 proof too!


As a documentary and travel photographer, not many things make me happier than traveling, diving into new cultures, and taking photos. I often work as a travel editor and photographer with Dutch and international travel publications, and host exhibitions to share these experiences.

World Photo Tours

Have a passion for traveling and photography like me? Then I invite you to book a private international travel photography tour with me to some of my most beloved places in the world. South Africa. Mozambique. Peru. Argentina. Europe. I will take care of your travel plans so you can relax & take photos.

Photo Therapy

Did you know that photography can actually work as therapy? Join me on your own, with a partner, relative or friend and improve your skills as a photographer, while benefiting from its therapeutic effects.

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Man in field of hyacinths. Tom van der Leij photography

About me

Hello, I’m Tom van der Leij, a born and raised Amsterdammer. I received my first camera when I was 10 and haven’t put it down since. My documentary photography style captures people, animals and nature in all of their diversity and beauty, and is what gives my photography its fresh and genuine look and feel. 

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Have questions about photo reportages, a photoshoot, my work as a travel editor & journalist, or photography therapy? Please send me an email!