Aerial and interior photography

From inside, or from above, it doesn’t matter. Two additional photography services I offer include interior photography and aerial (drone) photography & video.

Aerial photography and video

Picture yourself or your property from a third dimension, from a bird’s perspective. It’s all possible with drone photography and video. What began as a gimmick has turned into a serious extra for house owners, gardeners and real estate brokers, to name a few. Drone photography is also ideal for group photos and family portraits. The videos can be shared on social media and truly adds an extra dimension to your photos. And it’s COVID-19 proof too…

Interior photography

For my interior photography, I use a high-quality wide angle lens to capture rooms and the atmospheric light within your home or store. I can make your pictures in magazines or online pop!

Get in touch so we can discuss what you have in mind and what’s possible!

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Reflection of a Dutch windmill in a small lake by Tom van der Leij.
Drone photo of a worm hotel before construction in Amsterdam by Tom van der Leij.